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Ski Erg

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Our fitness SkiErg provides an opportunity to enhance your athletic performance, regardless of what sport you play. 

Our SkiErg has an all-natural air resistance, in which you can adjust to different strengths, from 1-10. This makes it adjustable to the workout you are looking to achieve.

You have two options for the SkiErg setup. You can mount it against a wall in your gym or home gym. Your second setup option for the SkiErg is with the floor stand.

Our price includes both the wall mount and floor stand.

Overall, SkiErg is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a different exercise experience. Whether if you're training off-season for cross-country skiing or trying to change your daily exercise routine.

A 2-year warranty covers this machine, including the frame, moving parts, and monitor.

Tips of How Skierg Works

    • Stand in front of the machine by grasping the handles firmly.
    • Raise yourself up to your tiptoes, so you reach your highest height, holding your arms and the handles up in the air.
    • In one fluid motion, pull the handles down and continue into a squat, finishing with your arms and the handles fully extended down and slightly behind you
    • Stand up, raise yourself back up to your tiptoes
    • Repeat
Mounted on Floor Stand
24 x 52 x 85
Machine Weight
21 kg / 46 lb
Floor Stand 16 kg / 35 lb
Shipping Weight
45 kg / 100 lbs
Shipping Size 51 x 26 x 21