Strongman Sandbag (200LB)

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Best Strongman Sandbags

Never Stop Grindin strongman sandbags are the best heavy-duty 1050D built for your training. Our strongman sandbag encompasses a built-in filler bag equipped with a Velcro roll top, zip, and strap. This will help secure all of your sand to be filled within the bag.

Strongman Sandbag Workout

You can achieve every workout you desire with the perfect reminder before, during, and after each repetition: Never Stop Grindin. Our black and camo strongman sandbags will push you to reach every repetition or new time you're looking to achieve during your training.

Fitness Sandbags

Our fitness sandbags are excellent to be used in any location. You can drop these bags and they will not break nor rip apart. You can use a scale to accurately weigh each bag to the perfect weight.


    • The perfect reminder before each repetition: Never Stop Grindin
    • Sand is not included.
    • They can be emptied and re-filled at your convenience.
    • Don't overload the bags with the prescribed weight.
    • Use scales to ensure your weight is accurate.
    • 1-year warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome sandbags

I like these sandbags a lot, got one from rogue that the seem started to split on day one. These held up better and cost less too.

Best bags

I own a gym and have purchased bags before these and they did not hold up to the rigors of daily class and abuse. These bags can handle the strain ! Love them and they look great !

150lb and 250lb sandbags

I am a novice b strongman competitor and I can't lie... these are some of the best bags i have ever used in my life. I actual bought the 150lbs because I wasn't able to get the 250lbs off the ground. Now that im able to get the 250lbs off the ground i use the 150lbs sandbag for high reps and the 250lbs sandbag for for carries and some over the bar/yoke work. I reccomend getting a 150lb sandbag if you never used a sandbag before. For females I'll start with a 50lb bag and work your way up to a 100lb bag. Buy playground sand from home depot or Lowe's and let it sit out in the sun to dry sand because the moisture will make tge bag even heavier (which was the problem i had with my 250lb bag). Other than that the sandbags are made to last. I've had my bags for a year now and there's no holes, rips or tears on them and i toss these bad boys around. I couldn't find any 250lb videos because I've been training for my comp (ill have some 250lb stuff on my ig or youtube soon) but here's a 150lbs over tge bar video i did a week before my comp (the event was 220lbs stone over the bar for 7 reps... i got 6 out of 7 and could've had 7 if the clock didn't run out). Sandbags are a b**** and most people dread them. But to me you should always do the things you dread the most and never stop grindin until you are happy with your results.


Probably the best sandbag I’ve ever use to be honest. It is up to par with the higher dollar bags for almost half the price, it’s a great piece of equipment. I have now purchased a 150 and going to purchase a worm here soon!


I have the 150lb sandbag and it's awesome. It's really well made and durable. I love not having to worry about sand leaking all over. Highly recommend getting one.

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