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🏆Sandbag (125LB)🏆

🏆Sandbag (125LB)🏆

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125LB Sandbag

Production- Our sandbag encompasses a built-in filler bag equipped with a Velcro roll top, zip, and strap. This will help secure all of your sand to be filled within the bag.

Benefits- Sandbags provide several beneficial fitness results, such as developing your power, conditioning, and strength.

Protection- Don't overload the bags with the prescribed weight and use a scale to check weight.

1000 Denier MIL-SPEC nylon Cordura- Our fitness sandbags have a smooth outsource texture for performing your group fitness training.

Ykk zippers- Strong integration to provide a secure foundation.

Never Stop Grindin- The best reminder before, during, and after each repetition to help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

1 Year Warranty- Your trust is part of our mission with a name we take pride in.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Lee
Excellent and Durable Sandbags!

TechLifeBrian (Brian) here -- I have been using NSG Strongman sandbags for a while (around 5 years). I originally purchased the 150 Lbs. bag and had it shipped during my stay in South Korea (still has some Korean sand in it lol). The bag has held up to over-the-shoulder, carries, and repeated drops (because who would ever gently put down a sandbag). The material feels tough (on par or better than Rogue, which I also own). I have used other brands of strongman sandbags, and they have torn, and the seams have come undone (don’t even get me started on the sandbags with handles).
More Recently, I also purchased a 200 Lbs. bag, which is a beast. The 200 Lbs. bag has also been holding up well – I am probably dropping it harder lol! I really like the camo color option of these. My aunt saw my post on Instagram with the camo-colored bag and thought it was my Army backpack. She was concerned I was getting deployed (I’ve been out of the miliary over 15 years now).
Funny side note, I sometimes tag NeverStopGrindin in my posts on Instagram and the replies and comments have been awesome. NSG even jazzed up one of my latest posts (see in picture).

Sandbag Issues

I had great customer service from Steve Efkarpidis!!
Thank You Steve!

Marlon Good

Sandbag (125LB)

Pleasant surprise

Ordered the 75# not really knowing what to expect. I am very happy to report it is great quality and has held up really well to constant use. I will be ordering more!


This thing is legit. I’ve had mine for just over a year and it’s rock solid. I use it all the time and iTools brand new.

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