Rubber Hex Dumbbells (20LB)- Pair

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20LB Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Anti-slip grip- Our rubber hex dumbbells have great knurling to provide efficiency so that your hands are secure while performing your repetitions.

Anti-roll specification- Another great feature for them is they're built to prevent them from rolling once you set them down after your performed exercises. 

Protection- They will also protect your floor and reduce excessive load noise when being dropped.

Strength- Our rubber hex dumbbells are strong, durable, fitness products for your traditional everyday bodybuilding exercises.

Lifetime Warranty- Your trust is part of our mission with a name we take pride in.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Justin Cooklin
    100,90,80 LBS dumbbells

    Great product, very durable and will last a life time. Great experience doing business with NSG

    Julia Avila
    Dumbells 15-50 lbs

    I built a home gym with all NSG items! They are amazing and the best quality! I do not purchase from anyone besides NSG!

    100lb Dumbells

    Got some Dumbells today! Great service and a Greta guy! If you are in need of any weights or gym equipment this is your place you wont be sorry!

    Gabriel Marin
    Highest Quality In Dumbbells Out There!

    Highly recommend buying from Steve. Not only is he supporting the fitness community by providing high quality equipment. The man is a stand up gentleman, passionate about his brand, serious about his business and excellent customer service with his clients.

    Best Dumbbells

    I've been using these dumbbells since September and they're the best of the best. Excellent pricing, amazing quality, and they will last you forever.

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