Glute Ham Developer

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Glute Ham Developer

Never Stop Grindin glute-ham developer is an excellent machine for strengthening your hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and core, depending on your performing movement. An excellent fitness machine for strengthening your legs, lower back, and core muscles.

The Best GHD

Our single weight tree holder will provide stability during your training. You can put bumper plates or steel plates inside the tube to provide extra stability. Your GHD will not move with our single weight tree holder.

Fitness Motivation

The best reminder before, during, and after each repetition: Never Stop Grindin. Our goal is to provide extra energy and discipline while you're performing your repetitions to help you achieve every goal. Goals are earned and achieved through hard work. Our GHD is the perfect example. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Best GHD!

    I’ve been using the GHD’s from Never Stop Grindin for almost 2 years. The single pipe on the bottom to put your bumper plates inside makes a huge difference when you’re performing your movements. Your GHD will not move an inch and provides extra stability, compared to other GHD’s that don’t have this feature. Amazing customer service! Thank you for everything!

    Perfect GHD!

    I spent a week searching for a GHD that was affordable and yet still had great quality. This GHD took the medal! It’s everything I was searching for and more. Incredibly easy to assemble and the metal is high quality! Very happy with this product. I used it in a workout for the first time doing GHD sit ups and it performed great! 100% recommend.

    Love this GHD

    This is my first GHD purchase and it works great! It was relatively easy to assemble and the fact that it has the weight tree in the middle keeps it from sliding around when you're repping out weighted back extensions. I use this machine almost daily and it really helps reinforce the positions for weightlifting!

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