Cast Iron Plates (25LBS)- Pair

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Standard Cast Iron Weight Plates

Our Cast Iron Weightlifting Plates are the best steel plates that are efficient for your traditional bodybuilding exercises. Our cast iron plates are great to use for any home or commercial gym. 

Cast Iron 2" Olympic Plates

You can use our cast iron 2" Olympic plates on any barbell you chose to use. You can use our weightlifting plates for the following barbell movements, such as bench, deadlift, squats, presses, or any other barbell movements you're looking to achieve. The choice is yours.

Olympic Weight Plates

Our Olympic weightlifting barbell plates are going to last you forever and ever. They're built with unique steel. They're perfect for your commercial gym or in-home gym.

Customer Reviews

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5lb cast iron plates

Came super fast, and exactly what I needed. Outstanding customer service from start to finish !

Great Equipment!

I purchased bumper and cast iron weight plates from Steve, they are brand new and cannot beat the price anywhere in South Florida. The pickup process was quick and easy, and Steve was an awesome person to work with. I highly recommend NSG to anyone looking to build their own home gym, without having to wait for long shipping times from big box retailers and also to get the best price. Very happy with my purchase!

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