Black Resistance Band (35LB-65LB)

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Resistance Bands

Our bands are excellent for stretching, pull-up assistance, or rehabilitation training, as many physical therapists use this product.

Stretching with our bands will provide a greater range of motion in the specific area that is being stretched. You can use our resistance bands to effectively stretching any part of your body. The greater the resistance, the greater the stretch.

You can use our bands for a pull-up progression if needed. You can use the bands to assist you to achieve your first pull-up or several.

These bands are an easy backpack to carry everywhere you go, no excuses. A great tool to use before, during, or after training.

Color Length Width Resistance
Yellow  41" 0.25" 5-15 LBS
Red 41" 0.51" 15-25 LBS
Black 41" 0.86" 25-50 LBS
Purple 41" 1.25" 50-80 LBS
Green 41" 1.77" 100-120 LBS
Blue 41" 2.50" 120-175 LBS
Orange 41" 3.26" 175-230 LBS

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