Competition Kettlebells (16KG/35LB)

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Best Competition Kettlebells

Never Stop Grindin 16 kilogram (35 pounds) competition kettlebell has a unique mold with an everlasting built-in design. Our kettlebells are a great tool to use in your everyday training to build muscle, power, and improve your muscular endurance.

Competition Kettlebell 16KG/35LB

Our competition kettlebells are a great everyday use for your fitness training. They're developed with two flat areas on each side that will provide a firm catching or pressing stability during your fitness performance. 

Fitness Motivation

The back of each kettlebell is engraved with the best fitness motivation during your training: NSG. You can perform a variety of exercises with our kettlebell, such as squats, lunges, presses, swings, farmer's carry, or however else you'd like to use them.


    • The perfect reminder before each repetition: NSG
    • A great tool to use in your everyday training.
    • Long-lasting durability.
    • Flat stable base.
    • Comfortable diameter for your hands.
    • 1-year warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Fernandez
Best weightlifting equipment in Miami

The owner Steve is a really nice and inspirational guy and he sells first line, high quality profesional equipment. I bought a competition kettlebell and it's the best I've got so far. Definitely recommended!!!

Best Kettlebells & Great Prices

These kettlebells are super awesome! I purchased several pairs and the quality of them are absolutely amazing! They are great for single arm rotations as well because of how they're designed. I'd highly recommend them!

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