Bumper Plates (20KG/44LB)



Olympic Bumper Rubber Plates

Never Stop Grindin 20KG (44 pounds) bumper weightlifting plates are great to use in your everyday training. These plates can be used on Olympic barbells or hex trap bars; the choice is yours. The width for our 20KG plates are 78mm / 3.07”.

Best Bumper Plates (set)

They're made with a strong, durable rubber with a low rebound effect. Our bumper weightlifting plates can be used for any barbell movement you're looking to conduct during your training. They are sold in pairs. 

The Best Fitness Motivational Gym Equipment

Never Stop Grindin provides the reminder before, during, and after each repetition for you to achieve all of your goals. We believe you will achieve everything you desire because with the mindset of never stopping, your hard work will pay off and you will make it.

Customer Reviews

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Coach Sisco
10kg-25kg bumper plates

Not only do I love the logo and meaning behind this company! They really embody the words behind them. So far my clients and I love the quality of these plates!

Nicole M.

Love them!!

David S.
Killer bumper plates

I have a high end garage gym to include Eleiko pro dumbbells, Eleiko bars and Eleiko bumper plates. I saw the NSG bumper plates and thought I'd give them a try as a lower cost alternative to add more bumper plates to my collection. I wasn't sure what to expect so I thought I'd try out a pair of 25KG plates before purchasing more. All I can say is WOW, were these above what I expected. I am so happy and pleasantly surprised about the build quality of these plates! I love the feel of these. They are built with a six bolt pattern metal center just like my Eleikos. They have a nice drop to them and are very sturdy. Very high quality and great looking plates, even without considering the relatively low cost. I am now going to buy a bunch of NSG bumper plates and would highly recommend these at any training level. Thank you NSG for these killer plates!

Michelle O.
Excellent quality plates

After using bumper plates for years I finally decided to splurge on real weightlifting discs and I am so glad I did. These plates are excellent quality and hold up to being dropped repeatedly without warping or the inside metal piece getting loose. The price is on point compared to other brands and having the NSG motto right on the plates keeps you focused on the never stop grindin mentality! Having the color coded plates sure makes it easier to keep up with your totals as well! Buy these and you won't be disappointed.

Kirstin M.
Surprisingly good

I’m sure most people would be a bit apprehensive of the quality of plates from a relatively unknown brand. In the weightlifting world where a certain brand is held as the gold standard, these plates are just as good.
The change plates are a bit chunkier than competition standard plates, however they weigh 1.5kg on the nose. They hold up extremely well having been stood on, dropped, plates dropped on them, stuffed in a sweaty gym bag and of course, used on the bar as they were intended. The inner is rubberised and can safely perch on the outside of collars without falling off.
Overall a well made product that should last me years to come.

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