Bumper Plates (10KG/22LB)

Sale price$88.00


Foundation- Our weightlifting bumper plates are sold in pairs, and they're going to last you forever and ever.

Low Bounce, High Durability- Our bumper weightlifting plates provide a low bounce which ensures safety to yourself and others.

Traditional usage- You can use our weightlifting plates for the following barbell movements, such as snatch, clean and jerk, bench, deadlift, squats, or presses.

Diameter of 2”- You can use our bumper weightlifting plates on any standard 2”barbell.

Weight tolerance- The weight limit or tolerance is <1%, therefore you can trust the weight being closely accurate.

NSG- The best reminder before, during, and after each repetition to help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

Lifetime Warranty- Your trust is part of our mission with a name we take pride in.

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