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Klokov seminar

Amazing !
I learned a lot in one weekend. Specifically how weak my quads are and how to make proper hip contact in snatch .I have much to work on.

Amazing Quality!!

Love the shirt, very light and comfortable, amazing to work out in. Would 100% recommend to all.

One time experience

First off, I have never done the clean and jerk, or snatch. I am a powerlifter. So going to this seminar was a bit nervewracking, and I wondered if it was going to be relevant for me. Well, what an experience. I found that Dimitri found a great balance to push people, and yet find the right level for each individual person. His insight into lifting was fascinating for me, and there were plenty of things for me to take home, and use in my mental toolbox. I'm inspired to practice the clean and jerk, and other complexes! Engaging, smart, funny, kind, Dimitri Klokov was amazing. Whatever type of athlete you are, if your ready for the challenge, his seminar is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Kettlebells (18LB-80LB)
Stephanie Fenstersheib
Amazing kettlebell 70 lbs

Excellent quality. Super durable and great for my workouts. Highly recommend over any competitors out there

Rubber Hex Dumbbells (10LB-100LB)
Stephanie Fenstersheib
Excellent quality

These dumbbells are great quality and durable. Highly recommend

Bumper Plates (10KG-25KG)
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Great !!!!!

Great quality product, excellent service I’m buying more for sure

Great seminar in SF

Great seminar hosted at golden gate barbell in SF! The two days was filled with lots of hands on demonstrations and technique correction. I learned a lot of helpful drills to incorporate into my training. I highly recommend the seminar and look forward to taking another one!

Very pleased with service and quality of items!

Awesome service! Great and speedy delivery! Needed some items last minute as a gift! Steve went above and beyond to deliver the item! The quality was great! Would purchase from NSG again!!!

Slam Ball (10LB-150LB)
Chase Buchanan
Slam Ball

Great quality! Easy to use website and fast shipping. Definitely recommend buying your gear here. Steve is the man!

Rubber Hex Dumbbells (10LB-100LB)
Yuri Frank Despaigne Herrera
45-100 LBS Dumbbells

Very good quality, price and durability. if you need something for the gym, NSG has everything you need.


Highly recommend this seminar. Dmitry has an incredibly deep knowledge of weightlifting theory and practice, and is able to distill it into bite-size pieces that all skill levels can handle. His training style is intense and pushes you beyond your current limits. At the same time, he makes sure to give each lifter individual attention and guidance. You will walk away from this seminar a better weightlifter.

Great seminar

Really fantastic seminar - you're guaranteed to learn a lot. This was a two day seminar in San Francisco at Golden Gate Barbell Club. Dmitry shared his knowledge from being a professional weightlifter and world champion, as well as seeing the most common mistakes and deficiencies among amateurs at his >400 other seminars, which was incredibly insightful. A lot of emphasis on positions, addressing your weak points, quite a bit of discussion on methodologies & training systems. Very intense, great opportunity for learning, totally worth it - soak it up and bring your training log to write stuff down.

Awesome Seminar!!!

I attended Dmitry's two-day seminar at Southern Pines CrossFit in Pinehurst, NC. The two six-hour days were packed with information and advice on how to train as a professional athlete. I gained a ton of knowledge as well as a feel for the proper position in each of the lifts (It is pretty painful...especially if you are nearing the age of 50!). At the end of the seminar, you will have a good idea of your weaknesses (most everything was a weakness for me, so fear not) as well as a good idea of what you can do to improve. I've already started to implement the changes in my Olympic lifts. Well worth the money!!!

100,90,80 LBS dumbbells

Great product, very durable and will last a life time. Great experience doing business with NSG

Amazing Seminar!

I attended the seminar at New York Weightlifting Academy. The seminar was amazing! It was a long and tough, but fun day. Dmitry provides significant information based on his knowledge and many years of high level, professional experience. His passion for the sport comes through his presentations and interactions. He gives significant time, attention and support to beginner lifters, as well as higher level lifters, which is greatly appreciated in my case as a beginner. His trainings on the “why” in understanding the technique of the lifts, his trainings on the accessory exercises to support the lifts and his trainings in the actual lifts are fantastic! This seminar is by far one of my best and most rewarding decisions. I have also completed personal training sessions with Dmitry Klokov, which are equally amazing! I hope to continue to learn and grow. Thank you Dmitry for all you do for the sport! You are truly a Legend!

Great experience

I did the seminar at Southern Pines CrossFit. It was an eye opening experience. Glad he was willing to share is knowledge, training, and experience with us. He broke everything down and made it simple to understand the movements, and why they were important.
To disseminate as much information as he did in such a short timeframe, it was fun. Shockingly , very funny person as well. He gave each of us individual advice to help hit the specific ques for his system. If you a chance, I would strongly recommend taking his seminar.

Lift, laugh and learn

I attended the one day seminar which started at 9 am and finished after 9 pm. This was a grueling day, and I was physically beaten by the end of it. Klokov is funny, patient but intense. A no-nonsense coach, which I truly appreciated. All the lifts were shit. And if they were not shit, and just so-so, that was a compliment. I'm not sure how much I will use of his methodology just because I also train with USAW coaches, and their methodology is different, but I definitely enjoyed the experience. Worth every penny. And the man is a legend!

Glute Ham Developer
Stephanie Fenstersheib
Amazing GHD

Great quality and excellent customer service. Highly recommend!!!!

You want to train?!.. TRAIN!!

This seminar was one of the most technical and challenging clinics that I have ever taken. The attention to detail in the movements was eye opening. I would recommend this seminar for someone looking to get into coaching weightlifting or for someone looking to improve their weightlifting, as well as for someone who is just looking to become a better personal trainer. Dmitry and his team have a great thing going here.

Great Learning Experience w a Legend!

The Klokov Seminar was an amazing and invaluable experience. Not only is Dimitry Klokov an experienced Olympic weightlifter but he’s a great teacher. He was able to apply all that he has learned in his years of weightlifting to beginners that are weightlifting as a hobby or for “health” as he phrased it. He’s a no-nonsense coach that will push you to your limit and provide you with easy to understand cues that are sure to improve your lifts. This was an intense two day seminar of lifting and learning. Mad respect to Klokov and his ability to stay humble! Spasiba!

An amazing experience

If you sign up for this seminar you will be blown away with the amount of information you will receive. Klokov is very entertaining and engaging as a teacher as he shares his decades of knowledge. He is also very stern and demanding coach as he is engraining proper movement patterns into you as you handle the barbell. This was one of the toughest and most rewarding training experiences I’ve ever had.

Great service 👍🏻

Great service, great products at a great price. On top of all that a great person as well! Willing to go the extra mile for his customers! If you’re thinking about getting some gym gear go to NSG they’re the BOMB!

Slam Ball (10LB-150LB)
Ricardo M. D'Avila
Slam Ball 💪

Great product!!!
Very happy with the service and overall experience. Highly recommend.

Kettlebell (18KG/40LB)
Kinan Humphrey
Great quality

If you need quality gym equipment NSG is the place to go. I had to make 2 reviews to make sure you know.

Best plates!!!

Best gym equipment amazing customer
Service!! Will always buy from NSG