St. Johns University  Internship

Strength and Conditioning Internship 

St. Johns University, aka The Red Storm athletics strength and conditioning internship, was the most challenging one of the three.

I completed my internship there from September 2014-December 2014.

Training and coaching men's and women's athletic teams for St. Johns University, included tennis, soccer, golf, lacrosse, softball, baseball, fencing, track, and cross country, was a challenging adventure.

I provided dynamic warmups for tennis and softball. My internship included working an average of 50 hours a week for 14 weeks, from September to December in 2014.

I was allowed to provide an Olympic weightlifting demonstration for baseball and men's lacrosse. 

The following are lessons and specific methods that I learned as a strength and conditioning coach during my internship with St. Johns University's athletics program. 

  • Whenever you have an interview, look like a professional.
  • Tie your shoelaces.
  • Tuck your shirt in.
  • Continually talk to groups during sets and reps.
  • Introduce yourself and develop a relationship with all staff members.
  • In-Season Training for Volleyball: provide stability movements for the scapula, not an overload, to keep all athletes healthy.
  • If you punish a team, do it as a group and not individually. 
  • Always look at the ingredients of a supplement or protein.
  • Coaching cue for people with long hair: Watch out for hair on the bar during back squats.
  • Everyday motto: "Figure it out.”

You can also listen to this podcast with my friend, Alex Katz, who interviewed me during my internship, at this link.

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