St. Johns University, aka The Red Storm athletics strength and conditioning internship, was the most challenging one of the three.

Training and coaching men's and women's athletic teams for St. Johns University, included tennis, soccer, golf, lacrosse, softball, baseball, fencing, track, and cross country, was a challenging adventure.

I provided dynamic warmups for tennis and softball. My internship included working an average of 50 hours a week for 14 weeks, from September to December in 2014.

I was allowed to provide an Olympic weightlifting demonstration for baseball and men's lacrosse. 

The following are lessons and specific methods that I learned as a strength and conditioning coach during my internship with St. Johns University's athletics program. 

  • Whenever you have an interview, look like a professional.
  • Tie your shoelaces.
  • Tuck your shirt in.
  • Continually talk to groups during sets and reps.
  • Introduce yourself and develop a relationship with all staff members.
  • In-Season Training for Volleyball: provide stability movements for the scapula, not an overload, to keep all athletes healthy.
  • If you punish a team, do it as a group and not individually. 
  • Always look at the ingredients of a supplement or protein.
  • Coaching cue for people with long hair: Watch out for hair on the bar during back squats.
  • Everyday motto: "Figure it out.”

You can also listen to this podcast with my friend, Alex Katz, who interviewed me during my internship, at this link.