Progressions for Snatch

The significance of the sport of Olympic weightlifting is that there are a variety of different styles. What may work well for one athlete may not be applicable to another.

Everyone has their heroes who they look up too in this unique sport. However, you have to find what works for you and build based on what your current coach communicates to you.

For example, your start position for snatch can either be dynamic or static. However, there is no one best system. It will take time to figure out what works best for you, and your coach can help you figure that out.

Another great example is the foot position. Are your toes pointed straight ahead or out an angle? Every coach may provide a different answer, and various countries have different styles. Russia, for example, coaches athletes to point their toes out. In Greece, from my experience in 2016, they keep their toes facing straight forward for both snatch and clean and jerk, similar to Pyrros Dimas.

Great results for snatch do not occur quickly. Fast results are only frequent among beginners (because there is so far to go).

Snatch is more difficult than clean and jerk because it is more technical.

Some days snatch will feel good, and other days it will be more of a challenge. The same goes for clean and jerk.

The following can make the technique feel great or challenging:

    • Adequate nutrition
    • Sleep
    • Muscle recovery, specifically massage or sauna
    • Muscle growth




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