Progressions for Clean and Jerk

I am sure you’ve heard of the phrase “there's more than one way to skin a cat." This gruesome but comical idiom means that there isn't just one way to achieve a specific goal or accomplish a specific task. There are many ways to accomplish a particular task, and this is especially true for the sport of Olympic weightlifting. 

There are a variety of different progressions for clean and jerk. However, you have to find what works for you and what your can coach provide for you.

In Russia, for example, they clean and jerk once every two weeks and snatch once every ten days. The Bulgarian weightlifting system, on the other hand, they keep it simple: snatch, clean and jerk, front squat, and very few accessory exercises. 

With hard work, you can achieve great results from a variety of progressions. You can earn any weight you dream of accomplishing, but it takes hard work, patience, adequate muscle recovery, and consistency.

Your front squat is important for clean and jerk, and I would like to provide some examples of that here.

Athlete #1
Clean and Jerk: 90kg | 198lbs
Front Squat 100kg | 220lbs
Athlete #2
Clean and Jerk: 90kg | 198lbs
Front Squat 120kg | 264lbs


In terms of new record attempts, the squat might be the most challenging fight for delineating between athlete number 1 and athlete number  2. Your speed on your front squat is essential for the success of your clean and jerk.


Any athlete will experience progress in their snatch and clean and jerk if their program is specific to their training and their training is consistent. Both of these are the keys to your success with Olympic weightlifting. 

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