Myofascial Release

My definition of myofascial release is from the following: safe, effective, and reliable tools that involve putting pressure on specific muscle groups to help increase range of motion and decrease pain. 

Muscle strains can occur from multiple scenarios due to the following:

Muscle Imbalances
Poor Flexibility
Not Warming Up
Lack of Stretching
Lack of Myofascial Release
No massages

There are several benefits to using a foam roller, PVC Pipe, lacrosse ball, or any other specific equipment you may use before or after you participate in any fitness activity. You must take care of your body.

Before each training session, an adequate warmup is important, and this will vary per sport. Sport-specific warmups are critical to your performance. 

Muscle imbalances and poor flexibility can cause severe acute and chronic pain, also increasing your risk of injury.

Muscle knots are developed over a long time. As a muscle knot is formed, it can cause a limited range of motion in a specific area. These are the areas that you want to target before and after your physical activity.

When you are in the process of using your mobility tools in a specific area, search for particular areas where you feel the most tension. Target that area by staying on that specific muscle group by loosening the muscle fibers to help increase range of motion. 

Finding a good massage therapist may take time, but once you do, schedule a massage once per week or at least once every two weeks.

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