December 2020 Schedule

Any day that ends in Y, we're grindin. 

Do what most people wouldn’t do, because you are not most people. If people criticize your work ethic, do not let this stop you or change your character.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, posted this video on his Instagram on September 21, 2019. Here is my definition of a gangsta speech:

"Remember the hard times. What helps me is to keep the hard times in the front of my mind. It should drive you. It should. It should drive you. You gotta be the hardest workers in the room. No one will outwork me. No one. And I don’t care who is in front of me. They're not gonna stop me. At some point, you gotta be tired of not being number 1. You have to be and you gotta play angry. You gotta work everyday. It doesn’t end. My number one competition is me. It is always you vs. you. You got to be the one to get up every morning and be disciplined and put in the consistent daily hard work because that gains success." 

You read his words just now; if you put in the consistent hard work on any day that ends in Y, you will experience success. 

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