Branched Chain Amino Acids

High levels of BCAAs can be obtained through a variety of different animal-based proteins or supplements. Many excellent studies of BCAAs have been conducted, and we here are two important conclusions from these studies:

The first study included a group of six healthy adults, three men and three women. They obtained BCAA supplementation after training, and investigators found that acute ingestion of BCAAs was beneficial for stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

In the second study, two groups obtained BCAA supplementation.

The first group took BCAA with a pure sugar 30 minutes before training.

The second group took BCAA with a simple sugar after training.

In the first group, three hours later, the anabolic response was 158% greater compared to using it after exercise.

In summary, you can drink BCAAs before or after your training activities with any fruits. The pure sugar is for an insulin spike, which will raise your blood glucose levels. This spike will help the food or supplement get into the muscle at a faster rate. 

If BCAAs are taken daily, you can expect muscle development over a prolonged period. Muscle growth comes with hard work, consistency, specific nutrition plans, and supplementation.

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